Trump ambassador threatened staff at US embassy in Iceland: report

The Biden administration is seeking to repair the U.S. diplomatic mission in Iceland following the service of a dermatologist turned ambassador during the Trump administration.

"Staff of the US embassy in Reykjavík are still recovering from the "threatening and intimidating environment" created by former ambassador Jeffrey Ross Gunter, a US government report reveals. Gunter held the position from July 2019 until January 2021, when he announced his departure. The newly-released report stated that the embassy's new Chargé d'affaires and Deputy Chief of Mission are working to rebuild diplomatic relations with the government of Iceland, which deteriorated under Gunter's leadership," Iceland Review reports.

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the US Department of State issued the report, which was simply titled, "Inspection of Embassy Reykajavik, Iceland."

"Despite several months having elapsed since his departure, OIG found at the time of the inspection that embassy staff were still recovering from what they described as a threatening and intimidating environment created by the former Ambassador," the inspector general reported. "For example, staff reported to OIG multiple instances in which the former Ambassador had threatened to sue Department officials and embassy staff who expressed disagreement with him, questioned his wishes, or were perceived to be 'disloyal' to him. In addition, many employees reported to OIG that the former Ambassador threatened reprisal against employees who communicated with Department officials in Washington while conducting their official duties."

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