Here’s how Democrats plan to impeach Trump without derailing Biden’s agenda
Donald Trump and Joe Biden (AFP)

President-elect Joe Biden is drawing on his decades in the United States Senate to come up with a plan to impeach Donald Trump in a way that does not distract from coronavirus stimulus and the confirmation of the senior officials in his administration.

House Democrats alerted members on Monday that they should return to Washington, DC for votes on removing Trump from office.

"On a call right now, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced that the House will meet Wednesday to vote on impeaching Trump, per multiple sources Tomorrow, the House will vote on measure offered by Rep. [Jaime] Raskin (D-MD) to push Donald Trump out via the 25th Amendment," CNN's Manu Raju reported Monday.

NBC News White House correspondent Geoff Bennett on Monday explained how the Biden camp is preparing for the situation.

"Biden says he's spoken with members about a way to 'bifurcate' Trump's impeachment, so as not to delay his agenda. The Senate would spend 'a half day dealing with impeachment and a half day' on confirmations and COVID relief. Says he awaits info from Senate parliamentarian," Bennett reported.

Longtime GOP pollster Frank Luntz believes there's a growing movement for impeachment among Senate Republicans.

"There are more than a dozen House Republicans considering support for the impeachment measure if Trump won't resign. But the big news is on the Senate side: There are at least 10 Republican senators who may vote for conviction depending on what Dems say and do in the House," Luntz said.