'One of the greatest crimes ever perpetrated upon a democracy': Congressman says the GOP can't face what they've done
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. (CNN screenshot)

On CNN Monday, Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO), who served as an impeachment manager at former President Donald Trump's first trial, laid out how the new impeachment trial for incitement of insurrection is damning to the entire GOP caucus.

"We'll see the president's defense team pretrial brief in moments, but there is reporting that they intend to argue, well, look at Democratic-run cities and the violence and protests that took place there, if you're going to convict the president for this, everybody is guilty in effect for — politicians who said that you could make an argument that might have paved the way for that kind of violence," said anchor Jim Sciutto. "What is your response to that argument?"

"Well, it's a false equivalency without merit and they are absurd," said Crow. "This is one of the greatest crimes ever perpetrated upon a democracy, in the United States Congress, by a president. And I understand why some of the supporters of the president don't want to talk about the facts. I think they don't want to talk about what happened or January 6th because it is so horrific and egregious, they would like to talk about anything else."

"Whether it is in the past, the meritless constitutional arguments, they don't want to address this. Because it is really bad for them," continued Crow. "But we're not going to sweep that under the rug. We're going to put it on full display for the Senate and the American people."

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