The GOP is 90 percent dominated by extremists and 'can only tell the truth in secret': NYT columnist
Photo via Saul Loeb/AFP

On CNN Thursday, New York Times columnist Tom Friedman slammed the Republican Party as they appear to be on the brink of voting to acquit former President Donald Trump for his involvement in inciting the Capitol riot.

"I think the only way we'll get a responsible GOP is if they have to sit out of power," said Friedman. "There's nothing that cures madness in a political party more than being in the opposition for a long time. And this party, if this were kindergarten, they need a time-out. They need to be in the corner."

"There's no symmetry," continued Friedman. "If you look at what the Democrats did in the last election — the Democratic Party is 80 percent center left and 20 percent farther left. It's the center left that runs the Democratic Party. They elected Joe Biden. The Republican Party today is presently constituted is at best 90/10. What's doubly scary is they only seem to be able to tell the truth in secret. When they had the secret vote about Liz Cheney, they recognized what she was doing is great. But a party that can only tell the truth in secret because of Donald Trump and Sean Hannity, that is not a governing party."

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