GOP lawmaker claims two colleagues wanted Trump to be removed by 25th Amendment -- then opposed impeachment

Peter Meijer (R-MI) was one of the lawmakers who fled the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 as a mob of Trump supporters breached the building. A week later, he joined nine other House Republicans in voting to impeach then-President Donald Trump.

According to The Atlantic's Tim Alberta, Meijer felt that the GOP needed an intervention when it came to Trump, and he was "going to help facilitate both," even if it meant risking his political career.

In the days after Jan. 6, Meijer felt that he was part of a mission to rescue the Republican Party from itself.

Looking back now, his own naïveté amuses him. The 9 other Republicans who voted to impeach Trump have now "chose varying degrees of retreat."

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“The responsibility for fixing the party isn’t on the 10 of us; it’s on the 180 who didn’t do anything. It’s kind of like Flight 93: If only a few people fight back, that plane hits the Capitol. But because everyone fought back, it didn’t.”

Meijer says that on Jan. 6, he overheard two Republican colleagues say they had encouraged Trump administration officials to invoke the 25th Amendment, but neither of them "voted for impeachment a week later."

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