Trump adviser warns he could be in serious jeopardy if criminally charged: 'No one wants to work with him'

On CNN Tuesday, correspondent Jim Acosta reported that former President Donald Trump's advisers are horrified by the legal defense put up at the impeachment trial — and believe Trump would be in serious trouble if he ever faced a criminal charge.

"It was brutal," said Acosta. "I talked to part of the former president's team and Castor's presentation and how it was incoherent at times, and this adviser was candid about it and essentially said part of the problem for the former president is that he was just having difficulty assembling a high-powered legal team. His first legal team essentially bailed on him about a week ago and this one had to swoop in."

"In the words of this adviser of the former president, Trump could be in real jeopardy if he ever ends up in a criminal court proceeding," said Acosta. "According to this adviser, and this adviser said, quote, 'Trump is F'd if anyone ever charges him. No one wants to work with him.' That's how the adviser described this situation that we saw unfold at the Capitol with the former president's impeachment team offering their presentations."

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