Right-wing Trump supporters demand 'civil war' after indictment
Anthony Crider

In the wake of Donald Trump's indictment, some of his supporters took to extremist message boards to threaten the former president's opponents and warn of a coming civil war, Vice News reported.

In a post on The Donald, one member wrote, “This cannot go unpunished,” adding that Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg "needs to pay dearly.”

As Vice News points out, Trump himself took part in fanning the flames, saying the indictment is a “political persecution” and describing Bragg as “hand-picked and funded by George Soros."

Another member, which Vice News describes as an "influential neo-Nazi account on Telegram," wrote, “The whole trans terrorist thing must have been polling badly so they decided to indict Trump based on the testimony of a lying jew and lying whore."

“Can’t we put a bounty on Bragg’s head? Time to fight lawlessness with lawlessness,” one user wrote. In response, someone said: “Hey man a lot of us are thinking the same thing, but if I said what should really happen I'd be charged with ‘terroristic threats.’” Another added: “The unjustified prosecution of President Trump is state terrorism. Respond to terrorism with terrorism.”

Another user referring to the heightened security the day after the indictment, wrote: “Hopefully, it will be remembered as a day of slaughter.”

“They want you p---ed. Looks like WW3 could be off the table for now, so onto plan B: civil war," another user wrote.

Researchers from Advance Democracy, a nonpartisan group that tracks extremists online, helped Vice News uncover the posts. Vice News adds that users on The Donald "played a significant role in the planning, incitement, and coordination of violent events on January 6, 2021."

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