Donald Trump
Joshua Roberts/Getty Images

A retired NYPD detective has said the entire force is ready to make sure there's no repeat on Jan. 6 when Donald Trump' is arraigned Tuesday.

Michael Alcazar told CBS News: "The whole police department's on standby just in case we need more police officers to respond to the scene in case it gets out of hand."

Sources speaking to CBS News say there are 35,000 officers at the ready. As CBS News points out, Trump took to Truth Social before his indictment and called on his supporters to "protest" and "take our nation back!" -- language that many compared to his statements in the run-up to the Capitol riot on Jan. 6. 2021.

Alcazar says that the NYPD is well prepared for any protests that may materialize.

"You're not storming the courthouse, that's not gonna happen. I'm sure our executives reviewed Jan. 6 and what went wrong, so they're anticipating any kind of issues like that," Alcazar said.

Bragg's office confirmed the indictment in a statement last week, saying it had reached out to Trump's attorney to arrange his surrender. The specific charges have not yet been made public and the indictment is still under seal.