Legal expert explains why he thinks Trump will be indicted — and what happens after
Donald Trump (Shutterstock)

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner walked through the next steps if former President Donald Trump is indicted in the many suits he's facing.

As Kirschner explained in a video posted on Monday, many of the legal challenges Trump is facing seem to be coming together at once this month.

The Trump Organization lost its case to keep the former president and his heirs from testifying in the New York attorney general's case. Trump Org CFO Allen Weisselberg is headed to Washington, D.C. to answer questions about possible self-dealing in the Inaugural Committee case. More and more former Trump officials are willingly handing over documents, emails, text messages and giving testimony to the House Select Committee investigating Jan. 6. Meanwhile, the National Archives has turned over its evidence that Trump removed public documents, including top secret and classified information.

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Kirschner sought to answer the question of whether Trump could get a fair trial if and when he's taken to court. Regardless of whether he does, he will likely claim otherwise.

If he faces a trial against a Democratic-appointed judge, he'll likely protest and demand another one. In Roger Stone's case, he intentionally went after the judge personally so that he could then claim that he couldn't possibly get a fair trial.

In the video below, Kirschner explains that it's possible to get a fair jury to make an impartial ruling. He cited Paul Manafort's case, which had a number of Trump supporters on the jury. After he was found guilty, one MAGA fan explained that the case was clear and Manafort was guilty, regardless of her support for Trump.

See Kirschner's take below:

Once Trump is Indicted, What Challenges Lie Ahead Regarding Impaneling a Fair and Impartial Jury?

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