Trump official tried to stop infamous 'bleach injection' presser after having a hunch he'd 'say something dangerous'
President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

Former Trump White House press official Alyssa Farah Griffin on Thursday revealed a new detail about one of former President Donald Trump's most infamous press conference blunders.

Writing on Twitter, Griffin defended the work of Dr. Deborah Birx on the White House COVID-19 task force, and she said that Birx was a "work horse" and a military doctor who was trained to obey the chain of command, which meant not jumping in when Trump rambled about potentially treating COVID-19 with bleach injections.

"I tried to stop the famous 'injecting bleach' press conference in the West Wing before it happened," Griffin explained. "I was worried the former Prez didn't have time to process the study that was going to be briefed to him and may say something dangerous. I was overruled, and the presser happened."

What happened next became an instant internet meme, as Trump talked about injecting bleach as Birx silently looked on in horror.

"Trump ended up saying his 'injecting bleach' comments," Griffin argued. "While I'm certain every fiber of Dr. Birx's being wanted to jump up and say something, her entire career in the military taught her to be deferential to her chain of command. Lt. Cols do not interrupt the Commander in Chief."

Griffin added that, in private meetings, Birx was not afraid to push back on the former president.

"Dr. Birx gracefully and respectfully pushed back on the former President when it was needed more than any other Doctor I worked with," she claims. "To portray her as someone afraid to push back & speak up is to not know Deborah Birx."

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