Pro-Trump 'intellectuals' exposed for pushing violent insurrection ahead of January 6 riot
(Photo credit: Blink O'fanaye)

A group of nationalist "intellectuals" supportive of former President Donald Trump are being exposed for supporting violent insurrections before the deadly January 6th pro-Trump riots at the United States Capitol building.

Christian Vanderbrouk, a conservative commentator who previously worked in the George W. Bush White House, has written a piece for The Bulwark in which he shows how some of the most high-brow Trump supporters stoked the flames of violence that culminated in the Capitol insurrection.

Claremont Institute fellow and Boston University professor emeritus Angelo Codevilla, for instance, argued that pro-Trump conservatives would have to give police "lively reasons to fear you" and encouraged them to form armed vigilante groups to protect themselves from a potentially tyrannical Biden administration.

Former Trump national security spokesman Michael Anton, meanwhile, suggested that Biden's victory would lead to a righteous "rebellion" among Trump supporters.

"One half the country -- or to be more precise, the class that rules in the interests of (at most) half the country -- will surmise that it can rule by fiat," he wrote. "The other half will conclude that they are subjects. Whether that conclusion resigns the latter to apathy or stirs them to rebellion is the question that will determine the course of our politics going forward."

And former CNN journalist Chuck de Caro wrote at the pro-Trump American Greatness website that it was time for Trump voters to follow the example of the McMinn County War of 1946 in which World War II veterans led an armed revolt against corrupt local officials in Tennessee.

"Much like the thinking of many Trump voters around the country today, the GIs realized that something more than the normal parliamentary response was in order," he wrote. "So while today's Trump voters are, as yet, armed only with their smartphones as they try to ascertain the legitimacy of Tuesday's vote, the McMinn County GIs decided to seize the ballot boxes and count the votes . . . the hard way."