MAGA rioter who boasted of smoking weed inside Capitol to remain behind bars: Appeals Court

The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has rejected an effort by a Trump supporter charged in the January 6th Capitol riots to be released from jail pending trial.

The indictment of Ronnie Sandlin cited a tweet with video that appears to show the suspect inside the gallery of the United States Senate.

"We took it, we did it," a man in a Trump hat and blaze orange hoodie says in the video.

Another video appears to show the same man smoking marijuana inside the Capitol.

"In the videos, Sandlin can be heard saying 'we made history guys. People are smoking weed in here. Please, may I please hit that...I am smoking weed. Thank you patriot. We made history in here.' In the video, Sandlin is observed smoking a type of rolled cigarette consistent with a 'joint,' which is typically used to smoke marijuana," prosecutors explained in charging documents.

Ronnie sandlin smoking weed and bragging about breaking / storming / the DC Capitol

As BuzzFeed News justice correspondent Zoe Tillman reported, Sandlin failed in his efforts to avoid pretrial detention.

Sandlin, who traveled from Las Vegas to DC for Trump, was the subject of an investigation by local CBS station KLAS-TV. The network could find no evidence that Sandlin bothered to vote for Trump in the 2020 election. Trump lost Nevada to Joe Biden.