Trump supporter jailed for attacking police seeks urologist for ‘sensitive part’ of his body: report

An Arizona man accused of assaulting multiple police officers during the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol is reportedly experiencing medical issues while being held in jail awaiting trial on eight counts of violating federal law.

James McGrew was in court on Wednesday and the hearing was monitored by legal analyst Marcy Wheeler.

"We're in Judge Howell's courtroom talking about whether James McGrew is getting necessary medical care for a 'sensitive part' of his body. It involves a urologist," Wheeler reported.

The judge noted the medical issue could've been settled earlier had McGrew's lawyers filed the proper paperwork.

McGrew was charged with multiple acts of violence. Prosecutors allege they have body camera image of McGrew lunging to "strike a law enforcement officer" inside the Capitol Rotunda. A short time later, McGrew allegedly struck another member of law enforcement and "lunged for the law enforcement officer's baton."

McGrew was identified based on tips from multiple concerned citizens. A joint terrorism task force officer at the FBI was also able to identify McGrew based on his "King James" stomach tattoo.

Criminal complaint against James Burton McGrew.DOJ screengrab.