'Seditious' Trump is leaving office in shame and has lost 'command of his own faculties': Carl Bernstein
Carl Bernstein on CNN (screengrab)

On CNN Monday, legendary Watergate reported Carl Bernstein broke down how outgoing President Donald Trump's final week in office differs from the end of Richard Nixon's presidency.

"Carl, [Nixon and Trump] are both leaving in shame and anonymity," said anchor John Berman. "What is the comparison?"

"No comparison," said Bernstein. "Richard Nixon isn't a madman. These pictures that you have shown this morning, we have been looking at the landscape of Trumpism. A map of his mind and what the logical result of his mindset and sensibilities are. Who is Donald Trump? We now know he is a seditious, uncontrolled, out-of-control madman. That's what we have seen. We haven't seen anything in the history of the United States presidency such as we witnessed in these final days. The final days of Donald Trump are something that is so out of total comparison to anything in the history of this democracy."

"He is an autocrat," said Bernstein. "He has no command of his own faculties at this point, according to those closest to him, who are surrounding him. They're trying to put him in a constitutional straitjacket in these last days because of his total inability to govern as the president of the United States with sanity, with sensibility. And also he is a criminal president. Nixon was a criminal president. He is a constitutional criminal and we are seeing every evidence of it as he leaves office. Let's hope the next few days as he leaves that nothing terrible, more terrible than what we have seen occurs."

Watch below: