Trump is 'hungry' for a rematch whenever Biden's approval dips — and it would take 'a prison sentence' to stop him: DC insider
Donald Trump and Joe Biden (AFP)

On Friday's edition of CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," David Gergen, a Beltway insider who worked under four presidents, said that former President Donald Trump has been emboldened in his determination to run for president again every time bad news or bad polling has hit President Joe Biden.

Recent reporting indicates that Trump had to be talked out of prematurely announcing his 2024 run by his aides this summer — and, said Gergan, the impulse has not gone away.

"The signs are that he's increasingly interested," said Gergen. "Strikingly, Anderson, they intensify when he sees Biden in trouble. During the Afghanistan situation, he was really chomping at the bit, according to the various reports, he had to be talked out of it. And now, the economy still not straightening out and pandemic still not over, you know, there — that just makes Trump very, very hungry."

"I think it's going to take something hugely unexpected, or change — dramatic change in his health or prison sentence to stop him," added Gergen.

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David Gergen says Trump is "hungry" for a rematch against Biden