Jan. 6 Committee asks Supreme Court to not even bother hearing Trump's case for hiding documents
Trump photo via AFP. Cheney via DFP

Thus far, two courts have ruled that former President Donald Trump cannot block the documents subpoenaed by the House Select Committee investigating the attack on the U.S. Capitol -- but that hasn't stopped him from appealing the case of the Supreme Court.

In a rare 44-page legal filing from the Jan. 6 committee, the committee cited previous rulings rejecting Trump's pleas, and also cited past precedent set by Nixon v. The United States, in which the Supreme Court ruled that a president can't withhold documents in a criminal investigation.

"In balancing these interests, the Court emphasized that the incumbent President is 'in the best position to assess the present and future needs of the Executive Branch, and to support invocation of the privilege accordingly,'" cited the filing.

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The committee also argued that if the court wants to hear arguments on the case and refuses to dismiss, then it urges them to hear it quickly.

"If this Court nonetheless believes that the decision below warrants its review, the Congressional Respondents respectfully request that the case be resolved expeditiously," said the writ. "The Select Committee urgently needs the documents at issue to inform its forthcoming hearings and reports. The Select Committee’s authorization will expire on January 3, 2023, and each passing day handicaps the Select Committee’s investigation, forcing it to proceed without the benefit of documents to which it is entitled. For these reasons and the reasons set forth in the motion for expedited consideration of the petition, if this Court grants certiorari, the Congressional Respondents respectfully request that the case be heard as early as the Court’s February sitting."

Read the full document here.