Seth Meyers mocks Trump's Florida rally as an episode of 'Drunk History' — but he was 'stone-cold sober'

Seth Meyers knocked President Donald Trump for the small rally in Orlando, Florida, over the weekend as the 2020 loser struggled to describe the 1800 election. He falsely believes Thomas Jefferson stopped the Electoral College from selecting a different president.

"Mike — had he had the courage to do what Thomas Jefferson did but a minor version," said Trump. "You know, Thomas Jefferson, he kept Georgia, he didn't send it back. There was a dispute. Hear ye, hear ye, the great state of Georgia is unable to properly calculate its votes. Thomas Jefferson was sitting where Mike was. Right where Mike was. You know what he said? Hear ye, hear ye, we will keep the votes of the red state — he didn't send it back to the legislature. No. All I wanted, and a lot of people wanted Mike to do, is to send that back."

Meyers noted the rambling statement from Trump that made very little sense.

"I'll say this, he is the only one I've ever seen do an episode of 'Drunk History' stone-cold sober," he said. "I mean, it’s like watching an amnesia patient wander up on stage during a performance of Hamilton!”

He then mocked Trump for not knowing anything about history other than people using the phrase "hear ye, hear ye."

The conspiracy theory that Trump is referencing is that Thomas Jefferson saw that the Georgia ballot used a slightly different format than other states. Many ballots contained the names as well as the statement of certification. Georgia put it on the outer envelope, according to a Washington Monthly report on it.

“We do certify the within to Contain the votes of Us the electors on behalf of the State of Georgia for a President and Vice President of the United States," is what it should read on the Georgia ballot. It was stated on the outer part of the ballot.

Trump's version of the story is confused, at best.

See Meyers' comments below:

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