Judge Cannon’s rulings are so bad they raise a question that is ‘impossible not to ask’: ex-prosecutor
Judge Aileen Cannon, Donald Trump (Photos: Creative Commons, Mandel Ngan for AFP)

Trump-appointed Judge Aileen Cannon once again received harsh criticism after another controversial ruling for the former president.

Following the six-page ruling, The New York Times headlined, "Judge Overrules Special Master’s Demands to Trump in Document Review."

"A federal judge on Thursday set aside a measure imposed by a special master asking former President Donald J. Trump to certify the accuracy of the F.B.I.’s inventory of the property it had seized from his Florida estate last month, overruling an arbiter she had appointed herself," the newspaper explained. "In removing the restrictions the special master had sought to impose, Judge Cannon essentially let Mr. Trump and his legal team out of a box that Judge Dearie had tried to put them in."

Former Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, who also served as general counsel at the FBI, wrote, "If Cannon wanted to micromanage this she should not have appointed a Special Master."

"Cannon’s treatment of Dearie, a far more senior and esteemed Article III judge, is one more piece of evidence that she is completely unfit to serve on the bench," he argued.

"What does Donald Trump have on Judge Cannon or her husband?" Weissman wondered.

"Something is so off in her decisions (and the court of appeals said as much) that it is impossible not to ask this question in all seriousness," he explained.