Trump said his heirs could 'fend for themselves' after his death: new book
Tasos Katopodis/AFP

Former special assistant to the New York district attorney, Mark Pomerantz wrote in his newly released book about a conversation former President Donald Trump reportedly had with his bookkeeper Allen Weisselberg and lawyer Michael Cohen.

The discussion was about Trump constantly attempting to inflate his net worth. Trump would give the bottom line number and Weisselberg would have to figure out how to make the numbers work.

"Trump decided, arbitrarily, what his net worth would be, and he wanted each year’s number to be bigger than the year before," the book explains. "At one point his growing net worth number became so inflated that Weisselberg warned him that he was creating a large potential estate tax liability—upon his death, the tax authorities could demand taxes commensurate with his inflated net worth. According to Cohen, Trump responded by telling Weisselberg that 'I don’t care, I’ll be dead, and the kids will have to fend for themselves.'"

The book, People vs. Donald Trump: An Inside Account, is on sale now and Raw Story has full coverage here.