Trump kids may be indicted, but ex-prosecutor says 'we need a federal solution' for their dad
Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. -- Trump campaign

Donald Trump, Jr., Ivanka, and their brother Eric may be facing state charges in New York, but a former federal prosecutor says federal charges are in order.

MSNBC's Mehdi Hasan interviewed former prosecutor Glenn Kirschner about the latest developments in the Trump case.

"Just one week after being indicted in a Manhattan court, Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg has been relieved of his duties as director of the Trump International Golf Club in Scotland," Hasan reported. "Weisselberg held that role since 2006. His removal is the first indication that the indictment by the Manhattan district attorney's office has affected operations at the Trump Organization."

"The Daily Beast reports today that in addition to Weisselberg, the indictment lists seven Trump Organization companies, including one where Ivanka Trump held an executive role for eight years. According to The Daily Beast, while it's impossible to know what charges are still to come, legal experts say the indictment suggests bigger targets are in line, potentially including the former president's adult children," he explained.

Kirschner offered his analysis of the legal situation.

"Mehdi, there's pretty clear foreshadowing in the 24-page indictment handed down by the grand jury," he explained. "The evidence of Allen Weisselberg's guilt is overwhelming, from two different sets of books to an indication that Weisselberg's own tax preparer has flipped on him, to a pretty clear paper trail that he was evading taxes."

"Probably the most ominous part of that indictment is there are two unnamed people, presumably fairly high up in the Trump Organization, who enjoyed the same criminal perks that Allen Weisselberg enjoyed. They haven't been named yet, but we have to ask ourselves, who are two other individuals who would have been high up enough in the organization — and firmly entrenched enough in Donald Trump's inner circle — that they may have enjoyed the same off-the-books compensation as Allen Weisselberg? Could their last name be Trump? We will know soon enough."

Hasan asked if there were "bigger crimes" for which Trump should receive accountability.

"Yeah, Donald Trump is a federal problem and we need a federal solution," Kirschner said. "It's wonderful that New York has finally gotten off its duff and it seems like they're indicting him for the New York state crimes he seems to have been engaged in for some time. It's great that Georgia is investigating him for potential violation of Georgia state election laws, but he's a federal problem. He's committed federal crimes against the United States and we need a federal solution. That looks like an indictment from the Department of Justice."


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