Trump tells Congress to fix COVID stimulus bill or he'll kill it

President Donald Trump indicated he may kill the COVID-19 stimulus bill that Congress and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell finally agreed on.

Democrats wanted larger payments to Americans, but McConnell only wanted $300 per person. Finally the group agreed on $600 per person and per child. Trump has decided that it's too low and he wants $2,000 per person and $4,000 per couple.

He also seemed confused about that bill and the overall government spending bill. Trump called out a lot of the funding that is generally known as "pork" for the pet projects to get members to agree to the spending bill. As for the stimulus bill, many of the things in the bill were things that Democrats didn't want, but McConnell refused to agree to the bill that Democrats passed seven months ago in May 2020.

"I'm also asking Congress to get rid of the wasteful and unnecessary items from this legislation," said Trump. "And to send me a suitable bill or else the next administration will have to deliver a COVID relief package and maybe that administration will be me and we will get it done. Thank you."

Trump never used the term "veto" but he seems unhappy with the bill negotiated by both parties. It's unclear if he intends to call McConnell and tell him what to pass. It's unclear if he's saying that he'll veto it with the stamp or with a pocket veto. Trump can't simply return a bill to Congress to be fixed without doing one or the other, so it's unclear what he's saying he'll do with the bill.

Congress and the Senate passed the bill in a session Monday evening.

See the video below: