Trump sues New York Times over 'insidious plot' to publish bombshell reports on his taxes
An angry Donald Trump screams during one of his speeches (Photo: Screen capture)

It's been nearly a year since the New York Times published bombshell reports about former President Donald Trump's taxes -- and now Trump is suing the paper.

The Daily Beast reports that Trump filed a lawsuit against the Times and his niece, Mary Trump, who apparently helped the publication secure key documents.

The Trump lawsuit alleges that the newspaper engaged in an "insidious plot to obtain confidential and highly-sensitive records" and that it coerced Mary Trump to "smuggle records out of her attorney's office and turn them over to The Times."

Mary Trump trashed her uncle after being told of the lawsuit and told The Daily Beast that he's "a f*cking loser."

Trump said during the 2016 presidential campaign that he would release his taxes, but kept finding new excuses not to do so even after he got elected.

The Times investigation found that Trump lost staggering sums of money over periods of several years, as he made multiple poor investment decisions that drove him to bankruptcy, only to be rescued when NBC made him a reality TV star with the hit series "The Apprentice."

In fact, Trump's losses were so bad that he didn't pay any income tax for ten of the last 15 years because he was losing so much more money than he was taking in.