Trump lawyer has awkward moment on Fox News after being branded a 'TRAITOR' for defending insurrection

Trump defense attorney Michael van der Veen had an uncomfortable moment on Fox News following the end of the former president's second impeachment trial.

"Philadelphia attorney Michael T. van der Veen has taken a starring role in Donald Trump's impeachment defense over the last two days — and he's also incurred backlash," The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Saturday. "Vandals spray-painted "TRAITOR" on the driveway of his suburban Philadelphia home Friday night, after he spent hours on the Senate floor hurling partisan invective and testily condemning the former president's second impeachment trial as 'constitutional cancel culture.'"

A Fox anchor asked the attorney about the backlash he has received.

"Um," he replied, followed by a nearly 10-second pause.

"My home was attacked, I'd rather not go into that," he finally said. "To answer your question, my entire family, my business -- my law firm -- are under siege right now, I don't really want to go into that though."

The interview came one day after the lawyer described impeachment as a "miserable experience."