Judge accuses Lin Wood of professional misconduct — and may disqualify him in a different case: report

On Tuesday, Law & Crime reported that a judge in Delaware issued an order accusing pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood of professional misconduct — and ordered him to explain why he should not be barred from representing former Trump campaign strategist Carter Page in a defamation lawsuit.

"In a detailed order to show cause, Delaware Superior Court Judge Craig Karsnitz itemized defects and alleged unprofessional behavior in Wood's lawsuits in Wisconsin and Georgia, including filing suit without a plaintiff's authorization, submitting a false affidavit, and making a series of gaffes that the judge said call his competence into question," reported Adam Klasfeld.

"It appears to the Court that, since the granting of Mr. Wood's motion he has engaged in conduct in other jurisdictions, which, had it occurred in Delaware, would violate the Delaware Lawyers' Rules of Professional Conduct," wrote Karsnitz.

Page's suit alleges that Oath, the company that owns Yahoo News and the Huffington Post, "portrayed him as a traitor to America."

Marc Elias, a Democratic voting rights attorney who has beaten back dozens of election challenges from Trump's campaign and right-wing groups, mocked Wood in a tweet after the order was released.