'Pretty repulsive': Wolf Blitzer bashes Trump's 'totally inappropriate' rally before leaving office

CNN host Wolf Blitzer reacted with horror to outgoing President Donald Trump's final campaign-style rally that took place just hours before President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in.

After complimenting himself at the rally, Trump exited the stage to Y.M.C.A by The Village People as he had done during the 2020 campaign.

"A fitting end to the Trump presidency," CNN's Jake Tapper noted. "A speech full of puffery and lies. Although of course with this president, it always could have been worse. There weren't the worst of his typical lies about the election."

"But we don't have to grade on a curve," he added. "It was an embarrassment that he did not even mention the name of his successor, Joe Biden. And the fact that he is making it all about himself and not about the country at all."

Blitzer also weighed in by calling the event "repulsive."

"The soon-to-be former President of the United States at a campaign rally," Blitzer observed. "Totally inappropriate, I must say. The music that was playing there. That was a campaign rally."

"The fact that he avoided saying anything about the new president of the United States was pretty repulsive," the CNN host concluded.

Watch the video below from CNN.