'Horrible week for the former president': CNN panel debates which new legal threat will hurt Trump the most
Sarah K. Burris

On Friday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," chief political analyst Gloria Borger and chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin discussed the biggest legal liabilities to former President Donald Trump.

"What do you make of this draft executive order instructing the Defense Secretary to actually go out and seize voting machines?" asked anchor Wolf Blitzer.

"Well, it is more evidence about what the state of mind was inside that White House. It is more evidence pointing to the fact that people were interested in promoting a coup," said Borger. "When you look at what happened this week, Wolf, take a look at the committee. Winning that really important case in the Supreme Court. Getting the 700 packages of documents. I'm told there's possibly more to come from archives. This is a committee trying to reconstruct what happened the day before January 6, for those 187 minutes on January 6 before Donald Trump acted and the aftermath of January 6."

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"A lot of legal problems for the former president," said Blitzer. "Let's discuss this horrible week for the former president, Jeffrey. Which poses the biggest threat to Trump?"

"Georgia and New York both," said Toobin. "We talked about time pressures on Congress, but it is worth pointing out that in both Georgia and New York there are not particular time pressures. James will be there and the new district attorney in Manhattan, they are both — they have years to conduct this investigation and proceeding methodically. Donald Trump is the target clearly of both. James is with the new district attorney Bragg in Manhattan, a criminal case. The Georgia case is a criminal case. And they are both serious and ramping up."

Watch below:

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