Judge forcing Trump to testify caps off 'epically terrible week' for him: legal analyst
President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday was ordered to testify in the New York Attorney General Office's civil lawsuit into alleged fraud at the Trump Organization -- and that's far from his only major legal problem.

Maya Wiley, who regularly provides legal analysis for NBC News, writes in The New Republic that Trump has suffered an "epically terrible legal week," and there's little prospect of any relief in the near future.

"The biggest hit came from Trump’s own accountants," Wiley argues. "Mazars USA dumped him like the evening trash. This has been perhaps the most consequential event so far. Why? Because Trump, through his family-owned company, is under criminal investigation by the Manhattan district attorney for bank, tax, and insurance fraud."

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In addition to that, Trump lost his effort to keep White House visitors logs hidden from the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th Capitol riots, and also saw a judge reinstate the Trump Organization as defendant in Washington, D.C. AG's civil lawsuit over alleged fraud at the Trump Inaugural Committee.

Wiley concludes by arguing that Trump's problems are unlikely to help Democrats in 2022, although they could massively harm a potential Trump 2024 presidential campaign.

"While Trump’s legal woes may not have an impact on the midterms, 2024 is a long way off," she writes. "And while justice is blind, voters, particularly independents, may be more troubled by what they learn—and see."