jim acosta

CNN host Jim Acosta introduced a segment showing a clip from this week's interview between former President Donald Trump and NPR’s Steve Inskeep. In the discussion, Inskeep asked Trump about the so-called "rigged" election in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Trump ranted about Biden's crowd sizes and then claimed the GOP is going to do whatever it wants to do. Trump then hung up, refusing to go any further with the interview.

Acosta thinks that is because "all of Trump's lies are catching up with the Lord of the Lies. Trump, his advisers, his allies in Congress and on conservative media they're all drowning in a swamp of lies and that swamp is not draining. But there is a cure for what ails then, and us, and our democracy. It's called the truth."

See the full commentary below:

Lord of the Lies www.youtube.com