Trump’s voters are now refusing to become his customers: ‘I don’t give a fig about his business’

Despite supporting him in the 2020 election, some Trump voters say they're not interested in supporting his businesses, Bloomberg reports.

"A quarry owner in the heart of Texas Trump country says she has little interest in staying at one of his hotels. For a sheep rancher in Montana, life's too tough to throw money at golf. A ballroom-dancing Alabaman who was one of the billionaire's first donors hasn't bought anything from him in years," writes Bloomberg's Max Abelson and Sophie Alexander.

In the wake of his election loss, Donald Trump is seeking to turn the 74 million people who voted for him into customers -- an effort to cushion the hit his businesses have taken due to the coronavirus pandemic. But as Bloomberg points out, earning their votes was easier than earning their dollars.

"Some people would like to spend a night in his Central Park hotel suites or pay $375 for a round of golf at his Miami club, but can't afford them. Others have the money but not the inclination," Abelson and Alexander write. "Several see no reason why political backing should translate to being a patron. While they represent a small sampling of voters, their responses highlight why Trump may have to expand into media or beyond if he wants to make big money from millions of fans."

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