Ultra MAGA 'sore losers' parrot Trump by refusing to concede losses — and it might get worse: report
Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters and Colorado state Rep. Ron Hanks / www.TinaPetersForcClorado.com

President Joe Biden has served in office for almost 18 months, but Donald Trump has refused to accept defeat and continues to lie about election fraud, which is growing into a trend as his supporters continue to rack up election defeats.

"It was no shock that state Rep. Ron Hanks and Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters handily lost their recent Republican primaries in Colorado for U.S. Senate and secretary of state," the Associated Press reported. "Hanks was outspent 14-to-1 by his rival. Peters, who was vying to become Colorado’s top elections official, had been indicted on seven felony charges alleging she helped orchestrate a breach of her voting system’s hard drive. But this past week, both candidates formally requested recounts of their primary elections from June 28, suggesting widespread irregularities seen by no one other than their own campaigns and allies."

Peters lost her primary bid to Pan Anderson, who bested her by 14% points.

In her statement requesting her recount, Peters claimed to be speaking for many in Trump's MAGA base.

“I have reasons to believe extensive malfeasance occurred in the June 2022 primary and that the apparent outcome of this election does not reflect the will of Colorado voters not only for myself but also for many other America First statewide and local primary candidates," she wrote.

Joanna Lydgate of States United Action says it's an attack on democracy.

“There’s a clear reason they’re doing it, and it’s a much broader, coordinated attack on the freedom to vote across the country,” she said. “Really, what this is is people who are sore losers, people who don’t want to accept defeat.”

The story noted GOP candidates refusing to accept defeat in Georgia, South Carolina, and Nevada.

"The primary losers have an obvious role model: Trump himself," the AP noted. "This year’s post-primary election denial may be a preview for November, when Republicans face Democrats in thousands of races across the country. The GOP is expected to do well — an expectation that could set the stage for more false claims of fraud when some of those candidates lose."

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