'Incredibly embarrassed and humiliated' Trump 'can't even face his folks at Mar-a-Lago: CNN
Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour
CNN's Jim Acosta asked what Americans should expect to see when Republicans attempt to overturn the will of the people on January 6th.

"You know, it will be a circus," CNN senior political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson replied. "It will be 'All Hail King Trump' from the Republican Party, about 140 or so, Jake Tapper is hearing, in the House. And you're obviously hearing some sort of number, more than one it sounds like, in the Senate."

"There will be a lot of debate, a lot of attempts to soothe this president's wounded ego," she explained. "He is obviously full of shame at this point that he lost this election, he can't even face his folks down in Mar-a-Lago at this party, he came back to D.C. because that is how bad he feels about this loss."

"Let me ask you this, President Trump returned to Washington earlier today from his Florida trip, as I just mentioned. We're learning he appeared, 'unsettled' during his trip to Mar-a-Lago as he continued to talk about this. This sounds like he is just -- he can't get over this."

"Yeah," Henderson replied. "I mean, he is in his feelings about this. He is feeling incredibly embarrassed and humiliated, so he has created this alternative world where the Republicans can go to bat for him on January 6th and, by some miracle, overturn the will of the voters and reinstall him in the White House."

"I imagine his world has just shattered in some ways," she continued. "All of the trappings that he has come to love about being president, this platform, being on the news all the time, every tweet people read and pay attention to, people around him treating him like the most powerful man in the world -- that is soon to disappear from this president's life. And I imagine even being at Mar-a-Lago where he has these followers and people who look up to him and want to be around him, he couldn't even face them at the end, at this party so he flew back to Washington -- where in some ways he has been holed up in the White House, not facing anyone, a lot of staffers have either left or are just working from home."

"His whole world has been upended by this," she added.


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