'Lock and load': Trump-backed candidate tells Michigan voters to 'show up armed' at the polls
Mike Detmer for state Senate on Facebook.

Some Republicans in Michigan are openly urging their supporters to violate the law as Donald Trump's debunked allegations of voter fraud continue to incite unlawful behavior.

More than one year after traveling to Washington, DC for Jan. 6, GOP candidate for governor of Michigan Ryan Kelley told the audience at a Livingston County meet and greet to tamper with the vote by unplugging voting machines if they "see something you don't like happening."

Republican candidate Mike Detmer went even further.

"The 2nd Amendment isn't there for hunting rights, it's not there for self-defense," Detmer said.

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He said the American people "need to be prepared to lock and load.”

“So if you ask ‘What can we do?’ Show up armed,” Detmer instructed.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said both courses of action the Republicans were suggesting were violations of state law that "will result in arrest and prosecution."

She asked if the Michigan Republican Party would "condemn the encouragement of felonious acts by its candidates for office."

After being told he was encouraging lawbreaking, Detmer defiantly said the attorney general and "the libs" were upset with him and posted a Greek phrase popular among 2nd Amendment hardliners.

In his November endorsement of Detmer, Trump lied about "pervasive Voter Fraud in the 2020 Election."

Trump argued "Mike Detmer is an America First fighter who will do great things for Michigan."

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