Tensions flare in Ohio town after local man deliberately throws trash on Trump-loving neighbors' lawns
Burned Trump sign (Screenshot/WCVB)

The saying "all politics are local" has received an entirely new meaning in Ohio where a staunch environmentalist is sick of the garbage coming from his Trump-supporting neighbors -- so he took matters into his own hands and repeatedly littered on their front lawns with literature about the environment, Democratic candidate marketing material, and even hand-written notes bashing his neighbors for their conservative Republican stances.

Local news station WKYC reports that retired teacher Gerald Dolcini already had two previous littering convictions against the same three neighbors on the same rural street when he allegedly committed a third act of littering while appealing his first two convictions.

"I was angry because spending all these hours, I was hoping to inform the public more," Dolcini said in an interview with WKYC.

One neighbor has accused Dolcini of leaving material a dozen times at her house.

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"Ignorance, I guess would be the right word," said Dolcini's neighbor, Cindy Radesic.

To make his point about recycling and reuse to his neighbors, Dolcini would always use recycled bread, Subway sandwich or vegetable bags to hold the papers promoting his candidates and causes.

Because of this, he has declared his actions equally environmental and political.