Trump has a sort of gag order against him — but Michael Cohen has no hope he'll observe it
President Donald Trump and Michael Cohen, composite image. (Photo of Trump by Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Former President Donald Trump was told earlier this month that he must follow a protective order from a judge demanding that he not attack any prosecution witness by revealing their personal information to the public. It's part of the criminal case involving Stormy Daniels hush money payments.

At issue is that Trump tends to attack anyone he dislikes or who speaks out against him. In the case of The People of the State of New York vs. Donald J. Trump, the defendant has been told he can't do that and, if he does, there will be consequences.

It's something former lawyer Michael Cohen found humorous, posting the court filing on Twitter Monday and saying, "First time in US history that a former president and his counsel are being gagged by the court to prevent harm, intimidation and tampering against witnesses revealed through the discovery process."

The gag was filed on May 16.

Speaking to Insider, Cohen explained that Trump "gets blinded by his anger" in situations like this. Cohen also revealed that Trump could be forced to appear in court to agree to the order, but he will do it virtually. State Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan will tell Trump to "swear or affirm" that he has read the protective order, understands it and he will comply.

If he breaches the agreement he could be held in contempt.

"Unfortunately, if you are charged with criminal contempt of court, you will likely be sentenced to jail time and/or a fine. Notably, your incarceration may begin immediately after, or even before, the charge is adjudicated and the sentence is decided," explained Kevin T. Conway on his legal website.

Trump is being barred from having copies of the court materials, including "witnesses' emails, texts and grand jury transcripts," so that he doesn't post anything on social media. Trump's lawyers claim this ban is actually a "gag order" under another name. Trump will still be able to talk about the case, whereas in an actual gag order, he would not be allowed to speak about anything.

Trump was also warned in the now completed E. Jean Carroll civil case that if he continued to attack those involved in the case, he will be gagged there.

But Cohen has no hope that Trump will be capable of holding back his fury.

"Rational thought flies out the window when Trump gets angry," Cohen told Insider. "He's no different than a petulant child."

He also doubts that he can be stopped from getting hold of court materials, particularly if they're discussed over video links.

"The second that they put it up onto a screen, I guarantee you, it's captured," Cohen said. "Trust me. He'll figure out a way."

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