Allen Weisselberg stuns courtroom by revealing Trump Org never fired him: report
Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr. arrive for a news conference at Trump Tower in New York, as Allen Weisselberg, center, chief financial officer of The Trump, looks on Jan. 11, 2017. - TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/AFP/TNS

The trial of the Trump Organization in New York civil court on Tuesday took a fascinating twist on hours before Donald Trump's major announcement at Mar-a-Lago.

"In public, disgraced Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg lost his job after getting indicted for cheating on his taxes. But in private, Weissleberg kept doing the same work and retained his seven-figure salary," The Daily Beast reported. "Testifying under oath for the first time at the company’s criminal trial on Tuesday, Weisselberg shocked the courtroom by admitting that he’s essentially kept living life as normal after everything seemed to come crashing down last year."

Also on Tuesday, it was revealed that Weisselberg's top lieutenant, Jeffrey McConney was still being paid $450,000 by the Trump Organization.

"On the stand, Weisselberg testified that he still shows up to work in Midtown Manhattan, where he personally advises Eric Trump on prospective business deals, analyzes new mortgages, leases office spaces, and oversees company cash management," The Beast reported.

Weisselberg is still making $640,000 a year and expects to receive a $500,000 bonus.

"The arrangement calls into question whether Weisselberg will be helpful to the DA’s office, which is trying to use him as a star witness to nail the Trump Organization for running its operations like a lawless zoo—paying its executives with untaxed benefits and creating a no-show job for Weisselberg’s wife," The Beast reported. "The only demotion Weisselberg appears to have actually suffered was literal, as he got bumped from Trump Tower’s executive offices on the 26th floor down to the boring 25th."

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