Ethics experts nail Trump for using taxpayer money to score profits post-presidency
Melania Trump and her husband Donald Trump/Screenshot

Former President Donald Trump sent out an official statement from the Office of the Former President that he's got 100,000 copies of his picture book with hand-written post-it-notes. The book is essentially self-published by his eldest son Donald Trump Jr. through a company he co-founded.

Insider noted that Trump has also promoted his golf clubs in Miami, Los Angeles, and West Palm Beach, Florida, all through official government channels that are being paid for at taxpayer expense.

When a president leaves office, they're given a lifetime salary and healthcare, but they're also handed $1 million each year to run their post-presidency office. The Former Presidents Act ensures that a former president never becomes destitute, which could put them in a compromising position.

Most former presidents raise money for a library that ultimately becomes a piece of the community of their hometown. They do state, local and even international projects that help others based on their top issues.

Trump is using his money to sell picture books and promote golf courses.

"The presidency was one giant business center for him. And we should not be surprised that he's continuing to do it," Insider cited Jessica Tillipman, the assistant dean at the George Washington University Law School. She's an expert in anti-corruption cases. Trump has a knack for finding ways to monetize everything, she explained.

These tactics aren't likely to stop, however, she explained.

"It's not abnormal for presidents to leave office and sign big book deals," she told the site. "It's abnormal to literally profit off of absolutely everything that you're doing. And he's been blurring that line since he took office."

At the same time, Trump is telling crowds that he will reclaim the White House "very easily." Yet, he's not raising money for a presidential campaign. Until he announces he's running, he can raise buckets of cash into a super PAC. Once he announces he's running, he can't work with the super PAC anymore. It's the reason at least one progressive group is suing through the Federal Elections Commission.

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