Former Trump Organization executive agrees Trump probably deserves to go to jail after 'what I've observed over 20 years'
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Speaking to CNN host Jim Acosta on Sunday, former Trump Organization executive Barbara Res agreed that former President Donald Trump probably deserves to go to jail, from her observation.

The two discussed the deepening seriousness of the Manhattan District Attorney's case against the Trump Organization.

"I hear them talk about going after the Trump Organization, but the Trump Organization is not General Motors," Res explained. "It was just a kind of loose thing that we called ourselves. I think it was incorporated, but later, after I started there. I'm sure that everything, every operation that he has, is held in a holding company or an LLC. So I'm not exactly sure what entities or where they're going with this. Now, as far as Trump was concerned, if they were to get evidence against Trump, it would be to the extent that really nothing major has ever happened, to my knowledge. And this is confirmed by other people that worked for him much later, that he didn't know about, nothing major. So, he is in with both legs."

She predicted that if there is anything that can be gleaned from Weisselberg, it will be to "get" Trump.

"Weisselberg, I'm surprised he's not talking. I don't understand," Res also said. "He can't get a pardon. It sort of explains some of the other people, but Trump has something on him, I would imagine. That's the only thing I can think of. If he does consider, you know, refusing to flip, and, you know, the expression 'flip' implies guilt, I mean, why would Trump say, 'he won't flip?' Of course, 'Flip' means he's got something. Weisselberg could go to jail for a very long time."

"Weisselberg is probably the most informed person there, the person that knows the most," she explained. "As they say, where the bodies are buried. I think Allen is essential."

She cited the news that they interviewed Jeffrey McConney the Trump Org's "controller," who would also have an extensive amount of information on the financial information.

"He probably had a lot of information. He may have had information on Allen and Trump both," said Res.

CNN's Jim Acosta asked Res, knowing what she knows about Trump, whether she believes Trump belongs in jail.

"You know, it's not only what I knew of his personality and the way he operates, but what I've observed over 20 years, really the last five or six, certainly," she explained. "I mean, that's an opinion of a citizen, not even somebody that knows Trump. But I do know him, and I know that he's very deliberate, very measured, and very vengeful. And he doesn't follow the rules. He never did follow the rules. So, does he deserve to go to jail? I imagine he does."

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