'Could end up being World War III!' Trump hypes up Putin's nuke threat and uses it to blame Biden
Kremlin photos of Putin and Trump

Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday hyped up a threat made by Russian President Vladimir Putin to use nuclear weapons in his war with Ukraine.

In an announcement made Wednesday morning, Putin called for a mobilization of Russian reserves to assist in the country's months-long war in Ukraine that has recently seen Russian forces dealt major defeats.

Putin also warned Western nations helping Ukraine that he was not afraid to use his nation's arsenal of nuclear weapons if needed.

While many foreign policy analysts saw this as a sign of desperation on Putin's part, Trump used the Russian president's speech to lob an attack on President Joe Biden.

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"President Putin of Russia is now threatening the use of Nuclear Weapons, saying 'It is not a bluff,'" Trump wrote on Truth Social. "The Ukrainian conflict should never have happened, and would not have happened if I were President. But as I have made very clear for quite some time, this could now end up being World War III."

Trump effusively praised Putin at the start of Russia's invasion, which he described as a "genius" move. Months later, Russia has little to show for the tens of thousands of casualties suffered by its military, which earlier this month was driven out of key regions in Eastern Ukraine.