‘We really are the cucks’: QAnon adrift after Trump ‘fails to ascend as God Emperor'
QAnon conspiracy theorists attend a Trump rally (Screen cap).

Supporters of the unhinged QAnon conspiracy theories were soul searching on Wednesday after Joe Biden became president of the United States without being arrested in "the storm" allegedly predicted.

"I'm the laughing stock of my family," one conspiracy theorist lamented.

Vice News reported more under the headline, "Trump Fails to Ascend as God Emperor, Leaving Diehard Fans Adrift."

"As new President Joseph R. Biden took his oath of office, his hand atop a massive family Bible, confusion, anger, and grief washed over some of the worst corners of the Internet," Vice reported. "Refugees from the QAnon conspiracy subreddit, now huddled together on a new website, took turns assuring each other that everything they were seeing was all part of the unfolding of the grand Plan they'd spent years breathlessly awaiting. 'I HAVE ZERO DOUBTS,' one wrote. But others weren't so sure. 'WTF?,' another wrote. 'He's being sworn in now.'"

"In the weeks leading up to Biden's inauguration, the worst elements of Trump's coalition— Nazis, white supremacists, Q-mesmerized "patriots," Proud Boys, Telegram lurkers, and all-purpose far-right sh*tlords—managed to hold out hope. On one website for Trump fans banished from Reddit, TheDonald.win, many users had assured one another that not only would Biden never take office, but that Trump, naturally, would never leave it," Vice explained. "Instead, they claimed to each other—in a refrain that was once ironic and seemed less so all the time—that he would ascend to the role of 'God Emperor.' On the morning of January 20, QAnon fans urged each other to 'Enjoy the show,' dotting their posts with popcorn emojis, meant to symbolize all of them sitting back and watching Armageddon rain down on the Satanic cabal they'd been led to believe rules the world."

"This is a bizarre, dangerous, and volatile moment for Trump's most impassioned and hateful fans. They have been forced to recognize that the glorious reckoning they dreamed of would not come to pass, that Trump would not and will not usher in either—take your pick—God's kingdom on earth or a white ethnostate. And in that moment, these people are vulnerable to any new bad idea that comes along," Vice noted.

"One of the pinned tweets on a large QAnon forum reminds Q adherents that it's important to 'take care of your mental health today.' A great majority of the users on the site seem despondent and directionless. At least one group, the Proud Boys, has seized upon the void Trump's departure has left in his followers' lives," Vice reported. "On one of their official channels on Telegram they tell Trump fans 'here is hope. Not for Trump to become president, but there is hope for our future. Abandon the GOP. Embrace the ultranationalist 3rd position.'"

Trump is also reportedly considering starting a new "Patriot Party" to compete against the GOP.