Trump goes on Friday morning Truth Social post binge featuring QAnon memes and anti-DeSantis rants

Former President Donald Trump on Friday went on a posting binge on his Truth Social platform, as he promoted a wide range of content ranging from anti-DeSantis posts to QAnon memes.

Among other things, the former president promoted a meme that featured a photo of him with a "Q" written clearly above his head along with the caption, "The storm is coming."

He also promoted multiple messages warning Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to back off any plans to run for president in 2024, including one that said if DeSantis "talks crap to Trump he ends MAGA even wanting him in 2028!"

The former president also posted general memes from supporters who expressed love and admiration for him.

In total, Trump has posted on his account 22 times in the last hour alone.