trump supporter

Former President Donald Trump flew to Conroe, Texas on Saturday for a rally to inspire some of his voters to support Republican candidates despite inter-party fighting.

Awaiting the arrival, Trump supporters shared some of their beliefs and conspiracy theories about President Joe Biden and other topics.

One woman explained that the current version of Joe Biden is actually a "fake," and "the real Biden was assassinated at Gitmo in March 2019." She also thinks that Michael Jackson, JFK, Jr., and Princess Diana will all return to attend Trump's inauguration because he helped them "escape."

A man with an American flag cowboy hat on stood beside a large sign with Biden in a dog collar and leash being led by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Another man said that David at the Conroe Police Department said that once the gates were open, people could rush the stage to get the close spots.

“Blind, crippled, or crazy they’re getting smacked down if they get in the way," he said.

Trump legal supporter Jenna Ellis noted that Don Huffins, a Republican candidate for Governor, was out in the field chatting with people. While she didn't see Greg Abbott, she assumed he was in a VIP room where he would be safe from any difficult questions.