Top 100 counties with the highest COVID death rates voted for Trump by 18 points
Donald Trump removes his coronavirus mask before giving a White House campaign address. AFP.

The 100 U.S. counties with the highest death rates from COVID-19 voted for former President Donald Trump by 18 points, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

The list of the top 100 counties was compiled by as of March 6.

Trump won 70 of the top 100 counties, while President Joe Biden won 13. labeled five of the counties as "swing districts." The overall advantage for Trump was 18 points.

Jerauld County, South Dakota had the highest death rate in the country, with 79.4 deaths per every 1,000 residents. Foard County, Texas had the second highest death rate at 77.9 deaths per every 1,000 residents.

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