GOP field could collapse into a 'free-for-all' if Trump loses grip on his base: report

While Donald Trump remains the favorite to be the GOP's nominee in 2024, some are growing increasingly worried that rising skepticism in his party over his influence will prevent him from winning another term, the Washington Examiner reports.

"Republicans saw disappointing midterm results, with Democrats outperforming several high-profile Trump-endorsed candidates. While not all Republicans blame the former president for the fallout, many argue that his shrinking appeal with swing and independent voters has alienated parts of the American electorate the party must claw back in order to win," the Examiner's report stated.

"Whether Trump’s future rivals could dent his support with grassroots loyalists isn’t clear. Attendees at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago event on Tuesday said while the former president’s stalwart backers had turned out, there were not many new faces."

According to Republican strategists, the field will be wide open of Trump's base start to abandon him. “If the base is divided, I think it’s a free-for-all,” one strategist told the Examiner.

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Trump's early announcement of his 2024 run was meant to get out ahead of competitors, but it hasn't rallied the throngs of Republicans behind him like in the past. In the past couple week, numerous conservative figures and politicians have expressed a willingness to move forward from Trump. Also, new polling has shown Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis increasing in popularity.

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