Rick Wilson: Trumpism is an 'authoritarian' movement that only believes in 'revenge'
Rick Wilson (MSNBC)

On Friday's edition of "The Dean Obeidallah" show on SiriusXM, former Republican strategist Rick Wilson — a longtime conservative critic of former President Donald Trump and his impact on the GOP — outlined his view of what the Trump movement has become, and why it poses such a threat to democracy.

"How would you, really, as a political strategist, define Trumpism?" asked Obeidallah.

"Trumpism is a modern version of authoritarian statism," said Wilson. "It is a cultural movement rather than a political movement. It believes in outrage, it believes in revenge more than in believes in ideology or philosophy or politics. It is a party now dedicated to two main thrusts: the seizure and retention of power by any means necessary — and I hesitate to use that phrase, but it's legitimate and it's correct — and they also believe that the rules of the game justify any set of behaviors, including things like January 6th."

A number of Capitol rioters have sought to blame Trump for their actions, as the former president deluged right-wing media with lies about the election being stolen from him, even before the election had actually taken place.

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