Cop-punching Trump rioter filled Facebook page with photos of slain birds -- and named them after Democrats

A man accused by federal prosecutors of taking part in the January 6th Capitol riots filled up his Facebook page with photographs of birds that he had killed and that he then named after Democratic lawmakers. reports that Lancaster County resident Michael Lopatic Sr. was charged this week with repeatedly punching a Capitol police officer and then stealing another officer's body camera during the MAGA riots at the United States Capitol building.

"Prosecutors say Lopatic continuously punched the officer in the head, then grabbed him by the head and hit him with an uppercut punch," reports. "That's when Lopatic went back to the other officer, who was now surrounded by people trying to form a human shield and protect him from the violent members of the mob. Lopatic reached into the crowd and stole that officer's body camera, which would have contained crucial evidence in the investigation, prosecutors say."

Prosecutors claim that Lopatic had been deploying violent rhetoric on his Facebook page for weeks leading up to the Capitol riots.

Among other things, he posted photos of birds that he killed while hunting and informed his followers that he had named the dead birds after prominent Democrats, including President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Read the entire indictment here (PDF).