Trump is fighting a secret court battle to stop a grand jury from obtaining Jan. 6 evidence: report

Donald Trump and his legal team are fighting a secret court battle to block a federal grand jury from gathering evidence related to his efforts to invalidate the results of the 2020 election, CNN reports.

"The high-stakes legal dispute – which included the appearance of three attorneys representing Trump at the Washington, DC, federal courthouse on Thursday afternoon – is the most aggressive step taken by the former President to assert executive and attorney-client privileges in order to prevent some witnesses from sharing information in the criminal investigation events surrounding January 6, 2021," CNN's report stated. "The court fight over privilege, which has not been previously reported and is under seal, is a turning point for Trump’s post-presidency legal woes."

The story surfaced after former Trump White House adviser and lawyer Eric Herschmann was subpoenaed to testify by a grand jury. While Herschmann reportedly does not plan to fight the subpoena, Trump’s lawyers are asking a judge to recognize the former president's claims of executive privilege.

The legal fight is under seal and there are no public documents for news media to report on.

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Herschmann was subpoenaed for testimony and documents related to January 6 weeks ago, but was "irked" by what he saw as "vague guidance from Trump lawyers not to share information," according to CNN.

“A letter directive from President Trump without a court order would not be sufficient. I don’t understand your statement that the chief judge will decide the issue,” Herschmann wrote.

Herschmann was concerned that the Trump team’s approach could put him at risk for grand jury contempt. Other former Trump aides have expressed frustration at the vagueness of the Trump privilege claim as well, according to CNN.

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