Trump should be forced to testify and respond to body cam video from Jan 6: columnist

While some Republicans continue to present their own version of events regarding the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, the body cam video taken by police that day doesn't lie, columnist Charles Pierce wrote in Esquire this Tuesday.

Pierce points out that his insistence on the importance of body cam evidence is in no way meant to undermine the testimony given before the Select Committee investigating the Capitol riot by the officers who'd been invited to appear. But the video back up their testimony of the "nightmarish moments" that took place that day.

Now, Piece writes, Trump must testify before the commission.

"He has to be asked the tough questions, in some public forum, under oath. He has to be forced to watch the body-cam videos and to comment on them," Pierce writes.

"The rest of them, too, of course—the little attendant rats, some of whom got hilariously run out of their own press conference on Tuesday as the officers were testifying elsewhere on Capitol Hill," he continues.

"...Donald Trump has to be forced to confront what he did, and what he continues to do, to the country for which he does not give the smallest damn."

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