'Is Trump now just a spiritual leader for all cults?': MSNBC host
Donald Trump. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

In a discussion about President Donald Trump's Sept. 11 appearance at the Moonies' event, MSNBC's Medhi Hasan and Author and Daily Beast editor Molly Jong-Fast couldn't help but draw parallels to the other groups Trump is drawn to.

"Political rallies, paid appearances, interviews on Fox," said Hasan. "Those seem to be the only things that the Donald gets out of bed for these days. Did I miss anything?"

Jong-Fast noted that Trump drove five blocks to a police station on Sept. 11 before heading over to the boxing match he was paid to comment on.

"We don't know exactly the timing on the Moonies video, but it almost felt like they had to sort of drag him to see some police, and they found the closest precinct because it's about five blocks. And he sort of went in there, and he said lots of crazy stuff then he went into the fight," she said.

"We don't know when that tape was recorded," Hasan agreed. "The Moonies became infamous for their mass weddings, but these days, it's a church that's 100 percent MAGA to the point where the founder of the church has his own splinter group carrying AK-47s on behalf of Jesus or the Bible. What on Earth is a former president doing speaking to these people on 9/11? Is Trump now just a spiritual leader for all cults, whether it's the Moonies, Qanon, the anti-vaxxers?"

Jong-Fast explained that the truth is that those groups are "easy marks" and if there's one thing that Trump likes, it's an easy mark.

"You know, he's also, his schtick isn't very sophisticated so he needs an easy mark," she said. "I would say that these -- he kind of owes these guys because, remember, one of the sons was at the Jan. 6th rally, and the group was -- I mean, we don't know how involved, but there is certainly reporting saying they were involved with the Three Percenters and the Proud Boys. I mean, he probably got paid because it's Trump, but I could also see him thinking that this is his group. These are his people. So, either could be."

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