'Admissible in any future trial': Analysts nail Trump's 12-page Jan. 6 response rant
Donald Trump (Photo of Trump via Agence France-Presse)

Former President Donald Trump is being mocked and attacked online after issuing a 12-page statement that is partly a typical Trump rant but follows with a case his campaign has made that questions nebulous things like "ballot stuff" and alleges that because ballots were counted after midnight they're fraudulent.

As Democratic election lawyer Marc Elias noted, Trump's lawyers should let him know that statements like these can be used against him in any forthcoming legal proceedings. Typically, lawyers advise their clients to stay quiet and refrain from speaking out.

Former Trump biographer Tim O'Brien pointed out that the statement is perpetuating the "big lie."

But it was Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) who responded in real-time as the statement came in. According to the fellow Jan. 6 committee member, Trump's claims about the committee, in particular, are "silly" because the courts have upheld the legitimacy of the committee and its existence.

CNN host Erin Burnett noted that many of the claims cited by Trump are obviously so false that even Fox News won't repeat them.

New Trump statement “bogus nonsense” says Jan. 6 committee member www.youtube.com

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