Frustration boils over as Trump refuses to sign stimulus while vacationing at Mar-a-Lago

President Donald Trump on Saturday remained on vacation at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday, refusing to sign coronavirus stimulus or accept the fact he lost the 2020 election.

"Two critical federal unemployment programs were set to expire after Saturday as President Trump resisted signing a sweeping $900 billion aid package into law until lawmakers more than tripled the size of relief checks, putting the fate of the measure in limbo. Mr. Trump's resistance to signing the bill risks leaving millions of unemployed Americans without crucial benefits, jeopardizes other critical assistance for business and families set to lapse at the end of the year, and raises the possibility of a government shutdown on Tuesday," The New York Times reported Saturday.

"The president blindsided lawmakers this week when he described as "a disgrace" a relief compromise that overwhelmingly passed both chambersand was negotiated by his own Treasury secretary. He hinted he might veto the measure unless lawmakers raised the bill's $600 direct payment checks to $2,000, and Mr. Trump, who was largely absent from negotiations over the compromise, doubled down on that criticism on Saturday while offering little clarity on his plans. A White House spokesman declined to indicate what the president intended to do," the newspaper reported.

NBC news correspondent Garrett Haake revealed his frustration reporting on the stimulus impasse.

"Tonight will be my third straight report on [NBC Nightly News] about the president's refusal to sign the COVID relief and spending bill his administration negotiated with Congress. It's disheartening hearing and telling the stories of people who desperately need help they can't get," he explained.